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Mudrex is an honest exchange.  We deeply value the trust our users keep in us each time they use the platform. We want to build a company that works closely with their users in a transparent and open way. 

Early adapters are an extremely valuable part of every network. They are the first ones to believe in the vision of the product, the first ones to go through problems that the platform might have and the first ones to spread the word and help the platform grow. Their inputs and advice are valuable to us and required to make the product better. They are the ones that drive of the platform and key decision makers in the evolution of the platform. We believe that our early adopters should be incentivized for the important role they play. The earlier a user joins the more important role they play in laying the foundation of the platform and in turn should be incentivized more. 

Mudrex Early Adopter Program:

Users who join in early will get a multiple of their trade fee back in the form of MUD tokens for the first 3 months. Whenever a user uses the MUD token, the get a 50% discount on trade fees directly. 

User range
3x trade fee back
2x trade fee back
1x trade fee back


  1. User needs to deposit either INR or crypto to be eligible for the Early adopter program
  2. User will get back trade fees in the form of MUD tokens
  3. Trades where trading fee is paid in MUD will not be counted towards the trading incentive
  4. Day starts at 00:00:00 and ends at 23:59:59 IST
  5. Incentive for trading done on day 'T' will be deposited to the users MUD wallet by 'T+1'
  6. Only completed trades will be counted will taking a trade into account
  7. Mudrex team reserves the right to, without prejudice to any of its other rights, at anytime, without prior notice and from time to time withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel this incentive with or without any reason