Mudrex is an honest exchange. We believe that users who do actions to improve the Mudrex platform should be duly rewarded for their actions. 

Your first deposit is your entry point to Mudrex platform. Hen you do a deposit in the from of INR or any other currency, you typically end up spending some amount as transfer fee. We want to help reduce this burden and make transfering to Mudrex easier.

As a reward for bringing in liquidity to the platform we are giving away INR 500 worth of MUD tokens to all users for their first deposit! Deposit Now!


  1. Users will be given incentive in the form of MUD tokens
  2. Incentive is valid only on the first deposit
  3. Incentive is valid across both INR and Crypto deposits
  4. Min deposit amount needs to be at least worth INR 1,000
  5. All exchange rates used to calculate deposit worth will the previous EoD exchange rate
  6. If user deposited on day 'T' then deposit incentive will be added to the users MUD wallet on 'T+1'
  7. Day starts at 00:00:00 and ends at 23:59:59 IST
  8. The above deposit incentives are subject to change depending on availability of MUD tokens allocated for deposit incentives
  9. Mudrex team reserves the right to, without prejudice to any of its other rights, at anytime, without prior notice and from time to time withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel this incentive with or without any reason